The Bewomaning Experience

What is the Bewomaning Experiencetm?

What is the Bewomaning Experience?

The Bewomaning Experience!™ is a creative, holistic and spiritual immersion in the ancient and archetypal wisdom of the Sacred Feminine. It allows women to discover a new way of living, perceiving and working: the Female Way. This way empowers you to learn, change, evolve and succeed using strategies and styles that are organic to you as a woman. The knowledge we share here is not just theory. Wisdom is knowledge lived; therefore the spiritual knowledge shared in The Bewomaning Experiencetm is practical and applicable to your life, relationships, dreams, success and happiness.


Bewomaning is a word created by author, storyteller and shaman Maria Mar, the founder of The Bewomaning Experiencetm. It combines:

Being + woman +becoming

This term is a formula for being a woman on your own terms; free of the herstory of limitations that women have suffered through centuries as well as the limitations inherited from your personal history.

It indicates the process of being the Goddess dancing inside you, to allowing, accepting, owning and embodying her.

Finally, it also indicates that this is a transformation process, a becoming, rather than a result.

This is a key differentiation. Many women are trapped in “waiting” and “fixing” themselves until they are “perfect” to then step into their greatness, delivered their message or share their gifts to the world.

But Becoming entails the blossoming of your potential. It indicates that the seed of that potential is already present, like the rose is present in its seed. The paradox of becoming is that you are, in Essence, already that which you are becoming. Your evolution is simply a process of unfolding, like the rose opens its petals.

This is a radically different paradigm than the belief that you have to get something “out there” ~something that exists outside of you in time and space; something for which to have to work hard and/or “get, buy or learn.

It means that there is nothing to fix “in here” (inside you). That there is nothing broken or missing in you, that you are not defective, lacking or insufficient. You simply need to unfold what is already present in you.


Reclaim the Sacred Feminine

Since the last stone in the temple of the Goddess was demolished to build a God’s temple in its stead, the wisdom of women has gradually become invisible. The Female Gifts women bring into the world have been devalued. The Sacred Feminine has all but been erased from our consciousness. Though it could not be destroyed; for it is a force of nature, it remains dormant in our psyche.

As a result, we have come to see the world in distorted, lopsided view. Only the Sacred Masculine definitions of power, structure and success have prevailed. When women have tried to empower themselves, they have been forced to use these definitions.

But these definitions are not organic to you as woman. Power as control,  aggressively pushing forward towards success and competition create stress in the female nervous system.

They also create a world of violence, consumerism, addiction and loneliness. This world is now causing us inordinate amounts of stress-related illnesses and is destroying the planet.

The Goddess Mother Creatress is calling each and all of us, from the core of our Soul. She calls us to bring her wisdom, principles and energies back into our psyche, back into our lives and into the world.

This is The Bewomaning Experiencetm, an invitation and experience to help you become aware of your Female Powers, access their source and channel them effectively in your life and in the world.


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