Are you Ready to Fly?

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Creatress of the Bewomaning Experience at ShamansDance Publishing & Productions
Maria Mar is the creatress of the Bewomaning Experience and an author, storyteller and shaman who uses story as alchemy to help you transmute your old story of limitations to the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. Like my stories? Enjoy a 30-day free trial in my Story Lovers club! Go now to reserve your seat.
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Self-assessment Tool

Are you Ready to Fly?

Is this your year to go from struggling Caterpillar Self to radiant Butterfly Woman?

By Maria Mar


Many women are playing at being Caterpillar Self: struggling, hiding, wanting, longing, complaining, trying hard, but spinning their wheels in place. They are doing the “dirty work” or trapped in duty scripts or they cannot believe that there is another way to work, to be or to communicate their message: a way that brings them delight. BUT there IS another way. Are you ready to let go of your Caterpillar Self? Are you ready to build your Dream Chrysalis? And more to the point, are you ready to become Butterfly Woman, open your wings and fly in your true, radiant colors to illuminate the world with your radiance? Take this self-assessment to find out, and you will find the Butterfly Woman Path.