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The Bewomaning Tales

Tales to Awaken the Female Face of Power

By Maria Mar


Let me guide you in a magical journey through storytelling. Safely recover the pieces of your Soul that have been stolen by patriarchy, pain and prejudice. Joyfully embrace and embody the Goddess dancing in your heart.


“Bewomaning is the process of being a woman on your own terms, free of the limitations your herstory, family history or culture has imposed on you. It is also the journey through which you awaken and become the Goddess in you.” Maria Mar


The Bewomaning Tales Series create an alternate universe in which the organic fiber of your feminine being, your Sacred Feminine, comes to the foreground to create this magic in your life:

  • Those Female Gifts in you that have been devalued are now cherished.
  • Those essential qualities in you that have  been made invisible ~like receptivity, intuition, compassion, creativity and harmony~ are now brought to the forefront as your heroic traits.
  • The Inner Wars and emotional wounds that have been ignored and are festering are now addressed, clean and healed.
  • The old Story Fields –those pockets of old, learned patterns– that hold you back and make you play small are now released and transmuted.
  • The Goddess dancing in your womb, your heart, your imagination and your deepest desires is giving a space, a voice, a body in your being; so that you can allow her to free your magnificent and authentic self and become the woman you want and were meant to be.
  • You are empowered, inspired and guided to tell a new story: the story of your brilliance illuminating the world.


“The universe is made of stories, not atoms” Poet Murial Rukeyser

The Way of Story

One of the ways in which humans have learned and transmitted knowledge is through storytelling. It was the general way of teaching and passing on history before we were able to print books in large scales.

But way past the time when there were no books, women continued using stories to pass on the knowledge of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries. Storytelling preserved the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine through centuries of persecution and prevented its eradication.

But there is another reason for our love of storytelling. Story speaks the language of the Sacred Feminine and allows us to use our Female Gifts to create the alchemy that transforms our old stories of limitations into our new stories of liberation.

“Psychological, organizational or social transformation is usually preceded or accompanied by a change in the story field governing that system. It is … non-productive to try to change forms and habits without changing the story fields that hold them in place. Once the story field is changed, subsidiary patterns tend to realign rapidly.” The Co-intelligence Institute

The Sacred Feminine knowledge has been taught through storytelling and other Female Ways of learning and changing. This is what the Sacred Feminine Way of knowing, healing and transforming through storytelling does for you:

  • Activates the right brain hemisphere or your Creative Mind, igniting  your imagination and engaging your visualization to see new possibilities, come up with new solutions, learn quickly and retain the knowledge for the rest of your life.
  • Engages your Emotional Intelligence to activate your Female Gifts of empathy, connection, and relationship. Women carry these Medicines and a story allows us to identify with the characters, using our empathy. As we connect to the protagonist’s journey we remember our own and the troubles and dreams of people we know. Our Sacred Heart gets activated, producing a powerful alchemy of love. We are connecting the story to our live story and to our relationships directly, enriching our lives.
  • Directly affect our brain waves, energy frequency and behavior. The human psyche works through stories. We interpret the world by creating Story Fields. These fields become the way we filter, interpret and perceive the world around us. These Story Fields become programs in our subconscious mind. Numerous studies and research have shown that when a person is hearing a story, this affects the person’s brain waves. The brain entrains with the storyteller. These studies also show that the story then quickly alters the person’s behavior. In other words, the stories you hear and read are powerful ways of affecting your life.
  • Deepens and quickens your transformation. Changing your Story Fields is the foundation of transformation. If you try to change without transforming the Story Fields that are shaping the story you are living, you will not only find enormous resistance from your subconscious mind, but you will soon come back to your old habits. However, once you become aware of these Story Fields and release or transmute them, transformation happens organically.

In my training as a shaman, I have spent more than 20 years exploring, healing and changing my story through the art of storytelling, creative and journal writing and enactment (acting, movement, dance). This has been a powerful transformation that helped me release numerous addictions, reclaim my self-love and assume my authority. That is how I became a Transformation Artist. I want to share this gift with you.

Through the Bewomaning Tales I use the Female Way of learning and changing to inspire, entertain and guide you in the awakening of your superpowers as a woman.

  • Strip away the old stories through soul journeys that take you through them and into the new reality of your brilliance.
  • Cleanse the old emotional wounds, unclog the stagnant emotions that stop the flow of life in you and feel the vibrancy of your passion dancing in you.
  • Take away the Domestication Rags that have concealed your radiance under shame, judgment and labels, so that your Goddess becomes visible, tangible and real in your self-love, confidence and expression.

Each Bewomaning Tale is a soul retrieval journey, an experience that allows you to reclaim the pieces of your soul that have been stolen, sequestered, hidden, fragmented or invalidated.


Types of Tales

There are two types of tales in the Bewomaning Tales Series:

  • Alchemical Tales

These are short tales accompanied with an Alchemical Decoder (the story itself may be 10-30 pages or so. The rest of the storybook or experience is the Alchemical guidance.)

 In these stories, the reading experience is powerful, but usually brief. Then you are guided through a journey, course or quest to use the shamanic secrets of the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom embedded in that story to your life.  Usually this guidance includes one or more of these features: 

Medicine Story: The Medicine Story reveals the shamanic secrets of the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom embedded in the story. It is the teaching and the medicine extracted from the story, to expand your perception and open new Windows of Perception in your psyche.

Story Quest: This is a journey through the story to use the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine embedded in the story as a blueprint for your own transformation, manifestation or liberation. You journey through journal writing, creative projects or Conscious Living Exercises.

Transformational Course: A course that guides you through the alchemy in the story one step at a time, through several weeks, to give you time to implement the process. This may happen once or twice a year.

Ceremonial Guide: In some stories, instead or in addition to the Story Quest, I include a Ceremonial Guide because ceremony and rituals are another Sacred Feminine Way of knowing.


  • Story Journeys (the story is 40 pages or more.)

These are longer stories which I create as a shamanic journey or soul journey. Then the experience of questing or guidance is built into the story. 



You have my full satisfaction guarantee!

If you are not satisfied in your first reading, you have 24 hours for a full refund. If you don’t like the first story, you’ll get a full refund and you get to keep that storybook and the bonuses. These stories are created for a special type of reader, one that seeks transformation, love stories and wants to awaken the Goddess. Not everybody is awaken in the same way. If this is not for you, I’m happy to refund you. No hard feelings. The whole idea is for you to be happy!



What you get when you subscribe:

  • Experience true magic as you enter these shamanic stories

These stories are crafted as a year-long uplifting, healing and transformational experience. I channel the Goddess when I seat down to write, and I also share my more than 40 years of experience as a shaman, Goddess Priestess and Transformation Artist. You are not getting a how-to course here. You are getting soul journeys that I am guided to create to help you nurture your Sacred Feminine and awaken the Goddess in you.

This said, in addition to the Alchemical Decoders in the Alchemical Tales, I have added the following experiences following the Female Way of learning and changing:

  • One Bewomaning Tale per month. There are already many available and more become available on a monthly basis. When you register for the Bewomaning Tales Series, you get each tale delivered to your inbox once a month. You get an email with a link to download the storybook from our Gumroad Bookstore. These storybooks are in PDF format and can also be read in the browser from anywhere in the world. They are printable and downloadable to your Dropbox, Kindle or Android devices (via a Gumroad app.)
  • Ask the Shaman- Weekly access to leave me a question, scenario or feedback for any story. You call it in. Just share whatever you want or ask about what is coming up for you through the story. Then I answer either texting you (that’s going to be a shorter answer) or emailing you over a special, secured service to ensure your privacy. Exclusive offer not available in any other program.  A value of $360

  • Story Tracking (Guide). The Story Tracking Guide teaches you how to use a story to track down what is happening in your psyche and change what you don’t like in your life.

  • One-year access to my Weekly Alignment Calls. Uplift your vibration. Release old, stagnant energies. Clear the clouds of doubt and despair. Free your radiance. Send a clear, potent broadcast to the universe to attract what you desire. Open your heart and let love enter, flow and emanate from you to the world. Create your own happy ending! A $360 Value.

  • Additional monthly bonuses- For some stories I include a complimentary bonus, like an Illustrated Poetry Journey.

Year 1 Story Menu:

These are the 2016 Bewomaning Tales for your delight.

  • The Embrace: The Power of Zero (Soul Journey)
  • Song of the Ocean (Ecological fantasy with resources)
  • When the Moon Left: Honoring the Female Face of Power (Medicine Story and Ceremonial Instructions)
  • The Alchemical Rose (Rites of Passage into Tantric Love) (Includes Poetry Journey)
  • The Healer who Forgot to Dance: Weaving the Sacred Self (Includes a 12-step course to heal your broken places)
  • The Great Weaver (Includes Medicine Story and Ceremonial Guide)
  • The Soul of Love Story Collection (Story collection)
  • Wild Majesty

  • Fifi Wants Salsa

  • The Mermaid and the Unicorn

  • The Shaman with the Empty Suitcase

  • My Grandma was a Fire Walker. I am a Fire Goddess.

*As I am inspired by the Goddess, this menu may change as new stories may take precedence over my planned ones.



  • BONUS 1: MamaQueSana audio: A 5 minute meditation to get unconditional love and acceptance from the Goddess in the face of Ocean Mother aka The Healing Mother.
  • A Place for Roses (novella).  The novella A Place for Roses, where Maria fictionalizes her own journey to discover what stood in the way of her dreams and fulfillment.





How it works:

Immediately after you subscribe, you will receive an email with a link and code to download The Embrace: The Power of Zero, a 58 page storybook.

I chose this storybook as the first in the series because it is representative of:

  • The shamanic journey of the soul that I include in many stories. This is a journey to go through the depth of a pain or problem to create the alchemy that presents the solution. This story is a heart-breaking and soul-healing journey that allows you to dive into loss to find the path to growth.
  • It’s an average length. Neither one of my shortest nor one of my longer stories. It does not have the questing goodies because the story is the journey.
  • The style, depth and intensity I use in the Bewomaning Tales is strong here. If you like it, you will love all the stories in the series. If you don’t, then you can safely ask for a refund within 24 hours. No problem.

If you do not get this email immediately, contact me using the Gumroad Library or here.

Don’t forget to download and study the Story Tracking Guide. It will guide you through the process of shamanic tracking/hunting and how to use that in a story to transform it into your personal alchemy.

The bonus novella, A Place for Roses, will show you how I do my shadow hunting in an inspirational shamanic version of a real life situation.

You will get daily emails for your bonuses, Ask the Shaman and Alignment Calls information.

  • In the Ask the Shaman service, when you call me, in your voice I can track down your emotions, energy patterns even parts of your herstory, so just using this special communication with me will allow me to connect to you powerfully. This is your chance to get your questions answered. But beyond that, you can share something that is going on in your life and ask about a piece in the story that resonated so that I can help you apply it to your situation. Or simply give me feedback, share your thoughts and wisdom. That means a lot to me.
  • The Alignment Calls are potent alchemy. You simply show up. If you want to share what you are aligning with, you can. But you don’t even have to speak if you don’t want to. I take you through a powerful cleansing, uplifting and alignment of energies that will radically enrich your vibrational frequency.

You will receive a monthly email with links to that month’s storybook, plus reminders to use the other services.



  • One monthly storybook
  • PDF Format
  • Read in your browser from your Gumroad Library
  • Download to your Kindle
  • Download to your DropBox
  • One weekly Ask the Shaman communication via phone/email
  • Additional bonuses with some monthly stories
  • Weekly access to my Alignment calls
  • PLUS two Bonuses


Enhance this product into a full program with private support by adding this in-depth, private, secured support from Maria Mar.

Guided Journal Writing to process the shamanic journey in the stories through journal writing in a private bank-level secured online journal. I guide and support you in applying the story to your life and your current situation. You can keep the online journal afterwards, for your own private use.

  • If you want the PREMIUM option, choose the length of time you want it for in the drop-down menu above the buy button.
  • If you do not want this addon, choose “NO THANKS” in the drop-down menu above the buy button.

You can always come back and get it. I will send you a couple of email follow-ups to give you the chance to get this addon as you read the stories.


$97 USD for a year

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More Product Information

Want to know the guarantee? Want more support? Wonder about formats and deliverability? Here's what you need to know.




Satisfaction Guaranteed

guarantee-ban-refund-24-hoursIf you don’t like the first story, you’ll get a full refund and you get to keep the bonuses.

$97 USD for a year

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Reading Experience

reading-experienceThese stories are available in PDF Format. Upgrades are planned to MOBI and EPUB and you will get them at no additional cost.
You can also read from any browser and download to your Kindle or dropbox. You can print them too.


$97 USD for a year

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Enhancement Addons


Premium Level



Journal Writing Guidance

Engage in a safe, private online journal to share your process with me. You can ask
question, share journal entries, get feedback and get help applying the story/knowledge to
your personal situation.

Your option of:

  • One month access (4 communications)
  • 3-months access (12 communications)
  • 6-months access (24 communications)



$97 USD for a year

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