Song of the Ocean

  Song of the Ocean

Ecological Fantasy Storybook

By Maria Mar


song-of-the-ocean-3D-cover-6X7X120~ Sweet, humorous, family-save fantasy with an uplifting ecological message
~New Myth topic: Ocean Mother and her three mermaid daughters and how they helped humans save the planet
~Great fantasy story to tell your grandchildren!
~Includes resources to learn more about how to help save this beautiful planet and great stuff on sea animals and more.
~ Embedded with secrets from the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom about creative channeling of emotions.

PDF Format, 142 Pages, read from anywhere in your browser, immediately downloadable.



Song of the Ocean



This is a sweet and humorous tale with a powerful tail dipped into the mysteries and myths of the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom.

The tale will make you smile and maybe even giggle. But don’t be fool by the lightness! Deep within the waters governed by Yemaya and her three mermaid daughters there is a treasure of wisdom that reveals the power of your emotions.

Song of the Ocean is a great story to tell your daughters and granddaughters! It is also a healthy, non-depressing way to teach your children (and learn for yourself) the ecological problems we face with Global Warming and how they affect the sea, the planet and us. This is done within an empowering and uplifting framework, so that it is a good pathway to embolden you and your family into actions that can heal our planet.

There are two treasure hunts embedded in the story:

  • The ecological and historical golden snippets, with clickable resources to enjoy the mysteries of the ocean,and learn how to help heal Gaea, and
  • The nuggets of Female Wisdom about the creative power of emotions. If you are interested in this last treasure hunt, click to receive the bonuses and I’ll send you a 50% discount when the Emotional Alchemy Journeys are ready. Enjoy!


The Story

Lobster has been turned into a spoon and the bully Great Sea Dragon into a treasure chest. What is the Great Mother Ocean Queen thinking? Her three daughters can’t even imagine. The fiery mermaid Princess Melee fights with her mother as usual. Princess Murky is clouded by her habitual doubts and Princess Grace decides to trust her queen mother. Little do they know that the Ocean Mother has not only seen into the future but into the souls of her daughters as well as the potential of the strange land-walkers. This buried treasure chest will decide the fate of them and us all.

But right now, Lobster-Spoon is in charge of that old bully Great Sea Dragon and she feels so totally in control that she is glad that Murky –now Queen Murky– keeps the treasure hidden from human eyes.

So will this mysterious treasure remain hidden through centuries, passing from Queen Murky’s Atlantic Ocean to Queen Melee’s Pacific Ocean without contact with human hands.

Until Lobster decides that controlling the bully’s fate holds her captive too and that her purpose is more important than her ego…. It is then that she begins to cooperate with Ocean Mother’s original plans. Soon the treasure crosses into the Indian Ocean, where Queen Grace has been waiting. She send the Blue Whales to bring the chest close to the Cape Town shores. There Otter delivers it to the Sealove Dancers who are drumming and dancing in the shores.

Will the shamaness who leads these spiritual, creative women finally understand –and more important– believes that Lobster –who (remember) looks like a spoon is really the key? Will the treasure fall into the right human hands? Will the oceans and Gaea be healed?

That question, dear reader, has two answers.

To find the answer that author and shaman Maria Mar has given to the question you just got to read this storybook.):

  • Its humor will make you laugh.
  • Its beauty will inspire you.
  • Its embedded ecological knowledge will surprise you.
  • Its magic will enchant you.
  • Its line will hook you until the very end!
  • And then you’ll want to read it to your daughters and granddaughters!


Magic for Women and their families

This storybook is written for adults and their families.

This story is created to be passed from one generation of women to the next. I hope that you share this story with your children and grandchildren.

I’ve included ecological, historical and oceanographic facts for fun and learning. You can create a magical treasure hunt once you finish the story.

Use the links in the Resource Section to learn about the oceans, animals and the ecological and historical incidents mentioned in the book, like Cook’s route, links to old maps included. I was the first one enchanted and amazed at the rare creatures that inhabit our oceans!

But there is another, deeper treasure hunt. Go over the story to hunt for the morsels of feminine wisdom in the story. I’ve buried secrets from the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom throughout the story. You will dig out the real treasure!


The Bewomaning Tale Series

This is a shamanic story from the Bewomaning Tales Series, tales embedded with secrets from the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom. The introduction will reveal how this ecological fantasy is embedded with wisdom about your Sacred Feminine energy, the power of emotions and the way to channel emotions creatively and wisely.

As you see, there is more than one treasure buried in this fantasy. It is my desire that you find all the riches I have buried here and make with them a happier life, cleaner oceans and a loving, sustainable relation with our beautiful earth.



In the receipt, there is a check box. Check it if you want these bonuses:

  • MamaQueSana (Mother that heals): A relaxing meditation where Ocean Mother talks to you and fills you with unconditional love. (Mp3)
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  • Available on PDF Format only.
  • 142 Pages
  • You can also read from your browser from anywhere or
  • download to your DropBox.
  • Printable.

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All of these goodies for only $15 USD

$15 USDbutton-book-want-PDFTo spread the love, click on the small gift icon on the payment form and gift this book to a friend.




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