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  • Discover the grace and power of the Sacred Feminine.
  • Reclaim your Female Gifts, like creativity, receptivity and intuition.
  • Awaken the Goddess within you.
  • Join a new generation of women of all ages that are leading from the Co-creative Feminine Principle.
  • Grow your self-love, joyfully and proudly inhabit your body
  • Free and express your Creative Genius.
  • Embody your purpose and share your gifts with the world.
  • Help balance humanity to save our planet.

When you subscribe now, you receive a Bonus Package including:

  • When the Moon Left: Honoring the Female Face of Power (Storybook with Medicine Story and ceremonial instructions) By Maria Mar
  • The Alchemy of Vulnerability (Illustrated Poem) By Maria Mar
  • Blessings for your Body (story and body love tips) by Corazon Tierra
  • Initiation into the Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine Course, a free ecourse that reveals the 8 Female Gifts that the Bewomaning Goddess holds in her hand and how you can recognize, nurture and use them in your life.
  • You will then receive a VIP Notice when the Bewomaning Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom is open for registration, including:
  • A 25% discount on fees if you register within 24 hours of the VIP Notice and

If you join then, you will also enjoy a magical journey with Maria Mar:

  • An online event: Story as Alchemy that will show you how sensual immersion in a body of knowledge is your organic way of knowing as a woman and how to use story as alchemy for your transformation, manifestation and liberation.

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