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Hi,  I am Maria Mar, a PBS-TV featured storyteller and internationally known shaman. I live my life 24/7 as a transformational adventure, exploring ways to transmute pain into power, negative into positive, obstacles into possibilities… and I do this through the alchemy of story, writing and arts & crafts. Here’s what you need to know about me:

I am a shaman-priestess of the Goddess and I have been trained for more than 20 years in the Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine by the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom.

As a shaman I am also a teacher, huntress, warrior, shapeshifter and storyteller.

Maria Mar on BronxNet TV Show “OPEN” with host Rhina Valentin

As a teacher, I have been blessed with the ability to share the practical spirituality of shamanic wisdom with others. As a shapeshifter, I have the knowledge and ability to gracefully shift my perception, shape and world.

And then, as a storyteller…. Oh! That’s my favorite, most delicious job!

I breathe in inspiration and breathe out stories. I write them in a state of grace, channeling strong female archetypes and powerful insights. I create delightful stories that are as potent as an alchemical elixir.This is my greatest blessing and I’d love to share it with you.

I also want you to know that my stories are not magical in the sense that we usually say about fantasy. Yes, they have the magic fiber of a good yarn. But they also have deep pockets of wisdom and alchemical insights built into them because I create stories that ignite transformation.

I have more than 20 years of experience as a Transformation Artist, engaging art as a vehicle for change. I have helped women in four continents to change the story of their limitations to a story of their brilliance illuminating the world.

Oh, yes, and something else that is important for you to know: I walk my talk! I’ve not only worked more than 20 years empowering others. I’ve done as many years of personal healing using storytelling and art. I’ve conquered eating disorders, smoking addiction, relationship addiction, poor self-esteem, abandonment issues, wars between creativity, spirituality and money and even homelessness ~all using shamanic story to change my old stories, become my dream and embody my purpose.

So when you read one of my stories, you will feel the potency of a magic beyond bubbles and sparks. It is a deep soul-river flowing through the words, emerging into your subconscious. Why? Because I embed my stories with shamanic secrets from the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom.


My contribution to the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom

Maria Mar in a shamanic performance with a member of the audience.

The Bewomaning Tales

In the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom you will have access to a growing series of stories created by me for your Goddess blossoming: the Bewomaning Tales.

Through these tales I use the Female Way of learning and changing to inspire, entertain and guide you in the awakening of your superpowers as a woman.

The Bewomaning Tales usually come accompanied by a Story Quest, Medicine Story and/or Ceremonial Guide.

  • Medicine Story: The Medicine Story reveals the shamanic secrets of the Sacred Feminine embedded in the story. It is the teaching and the medicine extracted from the story, to expand your perception and open new Windows of Perception in your psyche.
  • Story Quest: This is a journey through the story to use the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine embedded in the story as a blueprint for your own transformation, manifestation or liberation.
  • Ceremonial Guide: In some stories, instead or in addition to the Story Quest, I include a Ceremonial Guide because ceremony and rituals are another Sacred Feminine Way of knowing.

story-as-alchemy-event-LOnline Events

When you enroll in the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom you will not only read my stories. You will journey with me through many of these stories, as I create shamanic journeys or Story Quest that work as an experience of instant transformation that shapeshifts your energy vibration.

As a matter of fact, when you register for the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom, you get a free pass to the Story As Alchemy event, which is a sensory immersion in the art of using story as alchemy.

Programs and Paths

The Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom offers 7 Sacred Feminine Paths that you can take at any given time. I have created programs for many of these paths:

  • Weaving your Sacred Self- The 12 Steps to weave and reweave your Sacred Self to heal from trauma or emotional wounds. (Story Quest). Course and Enhancement Addons to create the level of support you want.
  • Rewrite your Fairy Tales for Success- Book and Enhancement Addons to create the level of support you want.
  • Bless your Success (Give yourself Emotional Permission for success, fulfillment, happiness and greatness) Course with Enhancement Addons to create the level of support you want.
  • Butterfly Woman Emergence Program: Go from your struggling-hiding-feeling insufficient Caterpillar Self to your working-in-ecstasy-embodying-your-purpose-sharing-your-radiance Butterfly Self in 13 steps using the fun and potency of Art Journal Creation. Course with Enhancement Addons to create the level of support you want.
  •  Create your Dream Chrysalis- How to create a Dream Chrysalis to weave your career, leadership, purpose or service transition, purpose and strategy using the Female Way. Course with sensual immersion events and Enhancement Addons to create the level of support you want.
  • Take the Goddess out of your Suitcase– Course with sensual immersion events and Enhancement Addons to create the level of support you want.



My Female Ways of Teaching

My favorite Female Ways of learning and changing are:

  • Storytelling: That goes without saying! Enjoy the Bewomaning Tales.
  • Sensual Immersion: I love to do this through four vehicles:Story Quests, shamanic journeys, Poetry Journeys and audio meditations.
  • Creative and Journal Writing: Of course, I’m a writer, so it makes sense. But here’s another bit of story about me: I did my own healing journeys for years using Creative and Journal Writing. In fact, my methodology, Theater of Transformation requires that the actor creates material using their own story and healing journey.
  • Arts and Crafts: I’ve created a system entitled ARTchemytm that generates transformation through arts and crafts projects. Doing ceremonies where you use Arts and Crafts has an instant, deep alchemical potency that generates radical, long-lasting transformation.
  • Experiential and Kinetic Teachings. As an experiential and kinetic learner, I am most comfortable when I teach through shamanic hands-on laboratories, body and movement-based teachings or multimedia interactive experiences.
  • Body and Energy Experiences: In my experience your personal truth lives in your body. The body or BodySoul is the territory of your being where your Spirit and Soul reside. Your Energy Bodies are the blueprint that generates your physical body. I love diving into the body to find hidden interferences, truths, false beliefs and wisdom that once brought into consciousness you can change at the energy level. Watch yourself shapeshifting instantly!


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