Love Yourself and your Body

Love Yourself and your Body 

Grow your Self love and Body Love to Magnetize your Presence


Why are women suffering from eating disorders and body image distortions in such massive scale? Why are the diet and beauty industries mainly geared to women and making billions out of products and principles that have been proven NOT to work? A brief glance back at our Herstory reveals the centuries-old wound that we need to heal if we are going to break free from the trap of seeing our body only as appearance. Here’s the liberating truth: your body is the first territory of your existence. Seeing it from the outside, through the eyes of others is being evicted from your own existence. While patriarchal religions and morality pitted the body ~especially the female body~ against soul and spirit; the Goddess teaches us that the body is the temple, embodiment and expression of our soul. Living this truth firmly plants the flag of freedom in the Inscapes of your being.

For centuries, women have had no citizen, no financial sovereignty. Most women could not open a bank account, earn our own money or even inherit it. We depended completely on men. We needed to marry in order to survive, and the competition was steep. Therefore, appearance was a matter of survival.

Don’t get me wrong. Since the times of the caves appearance has been important. But the signs were different. A man was looking for a strong, healthy woman who could bear children and raise them.

As we became second-hand citizens, beauty and “feminine” traits were the features that would guarantee our survival. These “feminine” traits were now related to status and a sense of being an acquisition, a beautiful object; even frail. This lead to the Feminine Myth and the connotation of the word “feminine” changed to imply a certain mannerism, fragility and affected grace. This then became a label thrown at women to prove our weakness and inefficiency and thus perpetuate the myth that we were not fit to vote, work or manage money.

Don’t you think that as we go fully occupy the 21st century it is time to change those myths?

Not only women have been working in most jobs in the market for a long time. At this crux in time, our true Female Gifts ~gifts that have been made invisible, distorted or devalued during patriarchy~ are urgently needed to balance humanity and save the planet!

I am not saying that a free, powerful woman does not care about how she looks.

What I am saying is that as long as we are using most of our energy to see our body from the outside, we are in fact evicted from the first territory of our existence.

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The Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom holds the following tenets in regard to our body:

  • The body holds our Personal Truth and should be listened to as a Personal Compass.
  • The body expresses the Soul and is the temple of the Soul. There is a consciousness zone that we call the BodySoul where you can feel the truth of your Soul and hear what it is telling you.
  • The body is not in opposition to spirit, but it contains and expresses your spirit.
  • You have been granted a self-healing body. It holds healing superpowers. But you must learn to listen to its language.
  • Body language is not about deciphering postures looking at the body from the outside. It is about understanding the language of your BodySoul, which is the language of life: metaphor, energy, emotion and movement.

When you inhabit your body and listen to its wisdom, you begin to free the flow of life through you. This frees your radiance.

And here’s the surprising truth:

The Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom defines Power as Presence.

This means that your Presence carries all that you are, know, think, feel and hold dear. This is your true gift to humanity. This is what give you value. This power is intrinsic to you and cannot be taken away. This power does not need you to compete for resources or protect it from thieves.

If your Personal Power is carried in your Presence, then you need to inhabit your body, understand and listen to its truth and free the energy flowing through it in order to carry your power.

  • When you do this, your begin to love who you are because it feels good, because you appreciate how wonderful your body is and what it does for you.
  • You increase the self-healing powers of your body tenfold. You can talk to your organs, cells and systems and instantly create deep changes in your body.
  • You can create new neuropathways for the changes you want in your life.
  • You can hear your Personal truth loud and clear and are no longer a slave to others’ expectations. You are finally self-centered, and guess what? It’s great. (Think about it: What are you if you are not self-centered? Other-centered? That means that you need to lean on others to stand up!)
  • Your charisma increases because your radiance shows and illuminates the world. Now you glow on stage!
  • The electromagnetic power of your emotions instantly attract what you desire with ease and grace.
  • You are no longer leaking energy, but harnessing it for Acts of Power.
  • You no longer feel insufficient or inadequate. You feel how perfect you are for your purpose just as you are right now….

And you step into your greatness.


This is the awesome power of loving your body. Care to wield it?




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