Lead from the Feminine

Lead from the  Feminine


Lead from the co-creative Feminine Principle,
through collaboration, co-creation and the Power of Presence.

By Maria Mar


Are you allergic to the word “leadership?” If you are like many women I know, including myself some years back, then you squirm in your chair just to hear it mentioned. Why?

  • It’s not that you don’t want to help others.
  • It’s not that you think leaders are bad or you would be a bad leader.

The allergy women have developed to this world runs deeper and goes waaay back.

But there is a Medicine for that allergy. It’s called Co-creative Feminine Leadership. I promise you won’t sneeze… and you may even smile!

Think about it. If women did not get the vote until the last century and could not open a bank account, receive inheritance or get higher education for most of our known history; then who created the models of power and leadership we have today? Men did, without female participation.

What definition of power are these models of leadership based on? On patriarchal definition of power: which is about control. Is it a miracle then that our power strategies are all about control: controlling the guns, controlling the means of production, controlling the people’s perception and controlling the votes.

Were our leadership models and structures designed with women in mind, so that they took into account our needs? Of course not!

Men had wives to take care of the children, so they could spend all day working, go to meetings at night, travel in the week-end and still get home to a clean house and good meal.

But when women entered the workforce and leadership arena, we found out that the structures, habits and cycles demanded a time that we did not have… if we wanted to care for our loved ones and have a life!

On top of that, the structure of power in patriarchy has been and still is the Pyramid of Power.


Add to this the increasing skepticism we are suffering as we’ve seen decades of leadership in which the people, family, women and minorities have been forsaken and Global corporate greed fed by our leaders, and is it a wonder women flinch when we hear the word “leadership?”

That’s the bad news.

Now for the good news.

Leading from the Feminine

There is a way to lead from the feminine. It’s not theory. It’s taking place right now. There is a new wave of leadership rising, and this wave is significantly different. Among the new systems of leaderships, there are three that the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom supports. In fact, The School has been working for centuries to encourage us to lead from the feminine.

  • Co-creative Leadership: The principle of co-creation responds to a circular vision structure of leadership; one that Native Americans had already used centuries ago because it honors what they called The Great Circle of Life. It engages the participation of all the members, works through consensus and honors what each member brings to the collective.


  • Goddess Leadership: This is the Sacred Feminine movement of women becoming the Goddess within them, awakening to their Female Gifts and reinstalling the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine in their lives and in the consciousness of their families. It is the mindset and heartset that empowers women in knowing the value their bring to any endeavor. It gives permission and encourages women to do what they love, be happy and fulfilled, give themselves time and priority and through this liberation of their Goddess, model liberation, self-value and the sacredness of the Feminine to their families and communities.



  • Butterfly Leadership- This is a style of leadership that includes the previous ones and is taught by Butterfly Woman. Just as Butterfly enriches the world by drinking the delightful nectar of flowers; so does a Butterfly Leader serves and leads the world by doing that which brings her delight. By following her dreams and desires and sharing her unique gifts and talents, a Butterfly Woman enriches the world and creates Butterfly Waves that change the winds of the planet.



A new definition of Power

The Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom defines Power as Presence.

This means that your Presence carries all that you are, know, think, feel and hold dear. This is your true gift to humanity. This is what gives you value. This power is intrinsic to you and cannot be taken away. This power does not need you to compete for resources or protect it from thieves.

If your Personal Power is carried in your Presence, then you need to inhabit your body, understand and listen to its truth and free the energy flowing through it in order to carry your power.

  • When you do this, you begin to love who you are because it feels good, because you appreciate how wonderful your body is and what it does for you.
  • You are more present and bring more of you to every situation and encounter. Instead of stealing from yourself to give to others (or viceversa) now you fully embody the best of you and your happiness is your greatest gift to others.
  • There is no need for competition, rivalry or defensiveness. No one can take who you are away (except you, through fear). Your gifts are now the way you collaborate in the Circle of Life, not something you hide in shame.
  • You are not easily manipulated because you are centered and connected to your Core Self, your Soul. You know what feels true and good and cannot be manipulated through old fears and learned limitations.
  • Your charisma increases because your radiance shows and illuminates the world. Now you glow on stage!
  • The electromagnetic power of your emotions instantly attracts what you desire with ease and grace.
  • You are no longer leaking energy, but harnessing it for Acts of Power.
  • You no longer feel insufficient or inadequate. You feel how perfect you are for your purpose just as you are right now….

And you step into your greatness.

It’s happening right now

There are also other leadership movements, such as the ecological movements, that are more inclusive of women. But what we are talking about here is how you as a woman lead if you honor the Sacred Feminine and use your Female Gifts. It is about discovering and developing a definition and structure of power, values, habits, systems and cycles of leadership that:

  • Honor the Sacred Feminine
  • Are female-friendly
  • Are designed taking women into consideration as well as benefiting the family and the community
  • Do not ask a woman to sacrifice, but instead marry her needs, desires and dreams to the benefit of her loved ones and her community,
  • Hold our treatment of children, elders and the disadvantaged as our true measure of civilization
  • Bring the Sacred Feminine and its wisdom into the core perception of power and into our decision-making process. Would you want a more inclusive, collaborative engagement of our community in deciding important things for our world? Would you like more mercy, equality and healing in our justice and criminal system? Would you like a more empowering and creativity-fostering educational system? Would you like a focus on peace rather than war in the international level? Would you like the government to truly serve the people, making sure that there is education, health and jobs for all? These are the values that the Sacred Feminine can bring (through the work of both women and men) and finally
  • Bring the Sacred Feminine and its wisdom into the design and decisions that can save the planet and create a more evolved humanity. Let the wellbeing of Gaea lead the way in our evolution, for her wellbeing is ours too.

Right now, the Bewomaningtm Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom is focusing on Goddess Leadership and Butterfly Leadership.

  • How would you like to heal the Inner Wars you may suffer between Self Vs. Others, so that you stop feeling guilty when you do what you want or stop feeling that if you give yourself priority you are taking it from those you love?
  • How would you like to discover how your delight becomes the light that illuminates the world?
  • How would you like to find new ways of collaborating, receiving and co-creating that reveal to you how you can stop doing it alone and struggling, how to find the support of like-hearted people and how to engage your Creation Partners in making your work and life much easier and graceful?

If you would like that, learn more about the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom and our curriculum for this year.


Better yet, get a headstart by quickly joining our free initiation
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