Do it the Female Way

Do it the Female Way

By Maria Mar



There is a way that you learn and change as a woman. Unfortunately, the formulas and structures that have been set up for success, training and often for personal growth and even spiritual growth have been modeled in centuries of patriarchal blueprints of perception that only take into account the Sacred Masculine way, completely ignoring or even devaluing the Sacred Feminine. When you are constantly immersed in experiences that exclude the way you perceive, respond, learn and grow as a woman you begin to feel alienated. Discover the Female Way! Designing a life and work experience that is female-friendly brings you back home to your Sacred Self and makes life Waaaay easier.

By following the existing formulas of success, learning and growing ~which have been modeled exclusively with the Sacred Masculine in mind~you are going against the grain of your fiber as a female human being. That is why women often feel high levels of stress when we try to do any of the following:

  • Become entrepreneurs and create a successful business.
  • Embody our purpose as a service or practice.
  • Step into our greatness to play a bigger game and reach more people with our message.
  • Share our gifts and talents with the world to make a big difference.
  • Become leaders or experts in our field
  • Increase our credibility or visibility and improve our expert positioning
  • Increase our wealth or make a career move to increase our income.
  • Make a bigger impact in our field or in the world.

When we look for experts, coaches, programs, blueprints, books or other repositories of knowledge to find ways to achieve these goals, we often bump into strategies and recommendations that run against the fiber of our organic being. Even when we seek a female mentor the problem may not be solved. Who did that mentor learned their model from? If the answer is from a male who used an exclusively male-based model, you may feel uncomfortable with many of the features and approaches. This may lead to you quitting, procrastinating or struggling when you should be flourishing.

Some of these approaches are:

  • “Aggressive” marketing and sales. The work “aggressive” is often use to indicate power, action and effectiveness. Aggressiveness (not the same as violence) is part of the Sacred Masculine. Women have a Sacred Masculine or Shakti energy too, but our nervous system and psyche responds better to a “Receptive” approach. However, receptivity is often confused with passivity in patriarchy, so our way is put down and we end up trying to be what we are not. Women can wilt, get sick or hardened when we push ourselves to be “aggressive.”
  • Push forward with single-minded focus. How often you have heard that advice? Women’s strength is not in will power ~which runs with mind power and is processed in the Solar Plexus Chakra~ but in the power of intention., which comes from the Soul. Intention is processed in the Heart Chakra and can last decades while will power lasts half a day at most and then needs to be renewed. We do not work well with single-focus either; because that is a logical mind approach. We see holistically, see the whole forest and the trees, see in patterns and in connections, see with the eyes of the Sacred Heart. Therefore we do  better with a “circular” or connective focus, involving others, focusing on empathy, love, relationship and our contribution to this and using imagery and arts and crafts to chart our goals and vision.
  • Competition. In almost every field people talk about their competitors. They want to obliterate them, or at least win over them. Female Leadership is relational, co-creative and collaborative. We do not feel good in environments that portrait others as competitors. We may enjoy some competition in sports as fun. But when it turns aggressive, we feel badly. Relationship, community, empathy, compassion and sisterhood are essential for us. In fact, women respond with the “Tend and Befriend” response more than we use the “Flight or Fight Response.”
  • Power as Control and a Pyramidal Structure of Power. The Sacred Masculine has created a Pyramidal Structure of Power in the world. You get to the top by stepping over others’ heads or profits. You control the means of production. You invade, penetrate and conquer. The entire language of power is ridden with the perception of the Sacred Masculine to an extent that women reject the word power and leadership. But there is another way. The Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom teaches that Presence is Power. The Sacred Feminine structure of power is the Circular Structure of Power, as in the Native American’s Great Circle of Life.

 All of these things are present in the prevailing social structures, beliefs and myths. They leak into the accepted and even praised attitudes and approaches. They are embedded in the blueprints and teachings you may encounter.

The result of this is that as women seek progress or fulfillment, we are bombarded by concepts and practices that run counter to our organic nature. This creates high levels of stress and elicis double layers of resistance.

There is a level of resistance, fear and stress any time you want to do something different, stretch your Comfort Zone or grow.

In The Bewomaning Experiencetm you learn through storytelling, sensual immersion in an experience, creative and journal writing and arts and crafts; all organic ways for you as a woman.

The Bewomaning Experience™ guides you using the Female Way of learning and changing: deep sensual, creative and emotional immersion and exploration. We use one or more of the following female-friendly activities  in our Sacred Feminine Paths:

  • Story as alchemy
  • Shamanic journey or sensual immersion experience
  • Creative and Journal Writing
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Ceremonies and rites
  • Group conversations and support that uses your collaborative, empathic and relationship gifts.
  • Experiential and kinetic experiences that integrate the body

When you join the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom you also find new models for transformation and personal growth as well as for success, fulfillment, business and leadership that follow the Sacred Feminine Way.

You don’t have to live in a world that is alien to your nature. In fact, the natural world is your ally! Your body is made of the same elements of Earth in similar proportion. Your cycles dance within the cycles of the moon, earth, oceans and planets.

Discover how to listen to your cycles, do what you love and makes you feel good and design a live and work experience that enhances your health, talents and happiness.



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