Butterfly Woman Emergence Program

Butterfly Woman Emergence Program

By Maria Mar


Go from hard-working, struggling, playing small, not happy “Caterpillar Self” to become a Butterfly Woman, living and working ecstatically as you spread your gifts to change the world. A Butterfly Woman shines in all her true, unique radiant colors to illuminate the world with her brilliance.

A Butterfly Woman belongs to a new generation of women of all ages who are leading from the Sacred Feminine, doing what they love as a service to the world and creating Butterfly Waves that evolve humanity and heal this planet.

If you are a talented woman with gifts, experience or a message that can help humanity, we need you to step out of that Caterpillar role and grow your wings. Here’s how you do it.


This program champions and guides you as an emerging Butterfly Woman to blossom into your full potential, so that you  bring more of who you are into your expression, your work, business or practice.

If you want to align deeply with your Soul’s truth, with your life purpose and with the Grace of the Goddess in you and from that place of deep alignment reveal more of your beauty, uniqueness and gifts to make a BIG change in the world, then you want to walk the Butterfly Woman Path.

This program is for spiritual creative women who want to share their gifts to make a difference in the world. If you have a talent, passion or message that is needed in the world now and your soul is crying for you to fulfill it, you may be struggling with doubts, distractions, a sense of being overwhelmed with fragmented possibilities or even held back by invisible, but powerful emotional interference.

This subconscious interference stops or delays your ability to fully embody your purpose or express your unique radiant Essence in your presence, life and work.

  • Or perhaps you are going through a transition like unemployment, empty nest syndrome, fresh out of college, divorce or career change; and something tells you that this is not just a crisis. This may be an opportunity. But an opportunity for what?
  • Or maybe you seem to be fine, but your heart is not full. You sense that there is something your Soul wants to do in the world, something that comes out of all your experience, gifts and passions combined. But you have no idea how that could play out. You may think it is a new job or another familiar experience and miss the new experience because it is a completely new “container” –a new way of working, delivering your message or leading.
  • Above all, you feel the urge to gather, integrate, share and express your gifts, talents and message effectively in a way that makes YOU happy and is a great service to others. You may feel scattered, frustrated or distracted with all your talents and need to focus. But the ways of “focusing” out there are not working for you. I got news for you: as a multi-talented woman you need to create a Dream Chrysalis!

If this is what’s going on in your heart, then this is the Butterfly Woman Path for you.

If you long to fly into your potential, to shine in your true colors and to become your dream, BUT you pull back, get confused or play small, this is definitely the path to open your wings, leave your old story of limitations behind and become Butterfly Woman.

I walk you through a Sacred Feminine Path based on the transformation from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Self and using the organic way you learn as a woman, through:

  • Creativity and arts and crafts: In fact, the entire program is taught through your creation of an art journal where you answer questions, reflect through self-assessment tools and follow the 13 steps from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Self.
  • Show don’t tell experiences: I share my own Butterfly Art Journal with you every step of the way. You will see me answering the questions, expressing my answers visually and you can use this as a model for creating your own art journal and following the blueprints and templates included in the program.
  • Deep sensual immersion in an experience: This is a beautiful journey using multiple media to immerse you in a sensory experience that inspires, uplifts and transforms your vibrational resonance. The journey is designed as a Dream Chrysalis to allow you to feed your wings with your dream until you can take flight.
  • Practical applications: You get homework and Conscious Living Exercises that allow you to take the principles in each step and apply them to your every day life.
  • Sacred ceremony: The entire art journal is a long ceremony, but inside this there are other special-focus ceremonies and rituals that help you go through each transformation.

What can happen for you

When you go through this program, you will:

  • Open your magnificent wings and fly, living your potential and becoming your Goddess every day.
  • Embody your purpose in the way you stand, move, talk, live and serve others. No more doubts, ifs or buts.
  • Easily own your authority, know, value and express your gifts effectively, and you will have dropped your old story of limitations, struggle, doubts and fears for a new story of your brilliance illuminating the world.
  • Stop fixing yourself, struggling and spinning your wheels in place and learn how to take effective actions the Female Way.
  • No more doubts, procrastination, self-judgment or perfectionism. Simply enjoy your life, do what you love, be who you are and know what your heart knows, and trust that to design the life you love.
  • Know yourself. Truly, really know yourself. Let go of the Identity others have build for you and own the Goddess inside you, aligning with her Grace.
  • Spot your Inner Wars, ambivalence, False Beliefs and other programming that is sabotaging your dreams and desires and release them lovingly to validate and align with your Soul’s true nature.
  • Release your habits and walk the Path of Freedom, creating a life based on your Free-choices, not the “way things are” according to others.
  • Find another model of leadership, one that comes with ease and grace to you as a woman; one that does not require dominance or sacrifice, but instead offers your happiness as the greatest gift to the world.
  • You will get crystal clear on your Ecstasy Zone so that you follow your bliss while you serve humanity at your highest level. You will find how to do what you love, the way you love and express it in the form of a career, project, business or practice, movement or message that allows you to make an impact in the world.

This path champions you to free your radiance, allow your delight and play your passion at work, in your business or practice, as a leader or influencer, in the spotlight and in your message.

If you feel a light inside you that wants to illuminate the world. If you feel a love inside you that wants to expand and heal our planet… then the Butterfly Woman Emergence Program will help you break the barriers and limitations so that your light bursts out into the world and your love flows far into your community.

The Butterfly Woman Emergence Program helps you to embody your purpose from a place of delight and feminine power so that you can share your gifts, message or passion with ease and grace to make a BIG difference in the world.

In each step of your transformation from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Self, Shaman and Goddess Priestess Maria Mar takes you into creative, transformative shamanic journeys to activate your creative genius, own your authority, befriend your fears, turn on the power of your magnetic presence and align with your greatness.

This program also gathers Butterfly Women to collaborate in the creation of Butterfly Waves that advance humanity and heal planet earth.

Choose your level, from DIY or group to mentorship. You have your choice on three levels:

Basil Level (DIY):

Go through your metamorphosis from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Woman at your own pace with support from Maria Mar.

  • Butterfly Woman Emergence ARTchemy Kit
    Go through the 13 steps from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Self through the creation of an Art Journal and a step-by-step show, don’t tell process where Maria Mar shares her own journey and Art Journal. (See components below)
  • 10 months weekly access to the Book of Answers (BOA) for the Butterfly Woman Emergence ARTchemy-Post your questions every week and get them answer personally by Maria Mar. Receive newsletter with questions and answers 
  • Plus we will discuss it in the monthly gatherings.
  • Getting your  Butterfly Wings Gathering Session and Ceremony at the end of the year for all who have completed the program.



Butterfly Woman Emergence ARTchemy

  • Ecourse with detailed knowledge and actions for each of the 13 steps in the Journey from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Woman- One weekly lesson delivered into your email in PDF format*
  • Caterpillar Blueprint
  • Caterpillar Template
  • Caterpillar Playsheet
  • Chrysalis Blueprint
  • Chrysalis Template
  • Chrysalis Playsheet
  • Butterfly Blueprint
  • Butterfly Template
  • Butterfly Playsheet
  • Read me first (Instructions on how to use everything)
  • The Transformation Tactics Cheat Sheet
  • Maria Mar’s Art Journal Tour, Part 1
  • Maria Mar’s Art Journal Tour, Part 2
  • Maria Mar’s Art Journal Tour, Part 3
  • Maria Mar’s Art Journal Tour, Part 4

*PDF Format delivered via our Gumroad secure service. Read it in your computer or tablet. Download it to your computer or your DropBox or read it in your browser from anywhere.

Yours when you enroll in the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom. This program is part of the main curriculum. This means that is part of what you pay for with your monthly membership fee and there is no additional fee for this level.

Premium Level

guided-journal-writing-steps-SAll the above, plus

  • 6 months of weekly Guided Journal Writing: Private, secure online Journal with feedback from Maria Mar. share your Art Journal. Post questions. Get feedback on your answers to the Journal Writing questions. Post images. Get additional tools, applicable wisdom and feedback for your Butterfly Woman Emergence. This is a powerful, intimate communication with Maria Mar every week.
  • Three private Skype 90-minute face-to-face sessions with Maria Mar to help you go from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Woman through the Art Journal while you apply it to whatever is going on in your life and to the project or dream you have. Our first session will take place during the first month of your enrollment, to get to know each other and share your goals, challenges and projects. After that, you choose when you need another private session with Maria Mar and schedule it using her consultation scheduler.

Limited seats: 15 women only.

All levels program includes all the materials, guidance and support you need for your ultimate transformation in a magical journey of creative delight to embody your purpose and fly into your highest potential right NOW.

This program is part of the main curriculum in the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom. The school opens in March 2016.

To pre-enroll now, sign up for the free Initiation into the Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine.

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free-initiation-packageYou will start right now in the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom at the free level for a 30-day initiation in the mysteries and spiritual practices of the Sacred Feminine. This initiation also includes three bonuses that you will receive upfront:

  • When the Moon Left: Honoring the Female Face of Power (Storybook with Shamanic Story, Medicine Story and ceremonial instructions for your Inner Marriage) by Maria Mar
  • The Alchemy of Vulnerability (Illustrated Poem) By Maria Mar
  • Blessings for your Body (ebook with a body-love story and easy things to do to love and bless your body every day) by Corazon Tierra

After that, you will receive the Initiation into the Sacred Mysteries Course, a free ecourse that reveals the 8 Female Gifts that the Bewomaning Goddess holds in her hand and how you can recognize, nurture and use them in your life.

  • You will then receive a VIP Notice when the Bewomaning Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom is open for registration, including:
  • A 25% discount on fees if you register within 24 hours of the VIP Notice and

If you join within 24 hours of the VIP Invitation, you will also enjoy a magical journey with Maria Mar:

  • An online event: Story as Alchemy that will show you how sensual immersion in a body of knowledge is your organic way of knowing as a woman and how to use story as alchemy for your transformation, manifestation and liberation.


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