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The Bewomaningtm Magazine is a living breathing repository of practical wisdom from the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom that reconnects you with your ancestral heritage as a woman; a heritage that has been buried under centuries of patriarchy.  It is time that you remember your Female Gifts and learn the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine. It is time for you to do it the Female Way!

To help you awaken the Goddess dancing inside you, we have engaged the wisdom and expertise of our House Goddesses. These are women who are shamans, writers, leaders, healers, experts and artists who have followed the Sacred Feminine for decades and who are creating articles, stories, poems and art featured in the Bewomaningtm Magazine to help you discover a new way of perceiving, living and working that is organic to you as a woman and that brings balance to humanity and healing to our beautiful Earth. This is the Female Way.

Get ready to enjoy a creative, spiritual yet practical, emotionally rich and soul nurturing, body friendly and female-based body of knowledge that will refresh, renew, inspire and empower you in your life and work.

Peruse any or all of the Categories in the Magazine

The Bewomaning Magazine has seven categories of articles. These categories respond to the  7 Sacred Feminine Paths that are included in the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom.

  • Bless your Success Give yourself emotional permission for success, happiness, fulfillment and to step into your greatness.
  • Embody your Purpose in your presence and as a service or practice
  • Lead from the Feminine. Assume your Goddess Leadership- Own your value, assume your authority and step into your leadership with Co-creative Female Leadership

Let’s take a look at each of these paths. Then on the days to come you will receive one article with more information in each path.

As you red our Pillar Articles, hold the question in your heart:


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Maria Mar is the creatress of the Bewomaning Experience and an author, storyteller and shaman who uses story as alchemy to help you transmute your old story of limitations to the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. Like my stories? Enjoy a 30-day free trial in my Story Lovers club! Go now to reserve your seat.
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