Awaken the Goddess

Awaken the Goddess

BE the Goddess dancing inside you.

By Maria Mar


You feel her in your body. You hear her whispering in your Soul. She is the muse in your creative process. She is the lighthouse calling the boats of your thoughts towards the shores of your heart. She is the spirit that moves in the Inscapes of your Being. But when you try to make her visible, she seems to hide. When you go about in your routine, she seems to go away, leaving you to struggle with your noisy mind. And when you want to embody her, to blossom in your full potential… well… let’s say that she seems to cruelly fly away, leaving you clumsily stuttering through your day. NO! It is not that hard! Discover how to awaken your Goddess in every cell of your body and express her radiantly in the world. When you embody your Goddess, you know, value and share your Female Gifts with the world. You work in a state of grace and easily free your radiance so that you live a life of beauty, grace and harmony.

You are a Divine Daughter who carries the gifts of the Sacred Feminine in a distinctive combination that is your unique Presence, radiance and personal expression.

So why do you feel so clumsy, inadequate and disconnected from the perfection you know exists in your Soul? Why do you get so judgmental and impatient with yourself? Why do you struggle through learning, growing, transformation and just a regular day? Does the Goddess flee away, leaving you to fend for yourself?

Not at all. What happens is that you are human, love! Us humans leave in a state of Perfect Imperfection. In fact, we often get to our perfection through our imperfection. Go figure! LOL!

The other thing that happens is that this world is designed almost exclusively according to the Sacred Masculine. (Find out about this here.) The culture is constantly pulling you away from the Goddess path with noise, toxicity, aggression, stress, competition, fear-based emotions and overstimulating and overrating your logical analytical mind while neglecting ~when it does not actually violates~ the wisdom of your Sacred Heart.

A simpler way of saying this is that the Goddess’ Way is the Path of Beauty (aka the Path of Grace) and this society constantly pushes you off this path.

In many cultures and traditions, the Goddess initiates women (and sometimes men) in what the Native Americans call the Path of Beauty. Though the Sacred Feminine has other paths, the Path of Beauty is the purest expression of the Sacred Feminine.

The Path of Beauty flows  through eight Sacred Channels. They are:

  1. The Gift of Beauty: this is the art of creating beauty in all expressions of life and seeing the beauty in everything.
  2. The Alchemy of Harmony: the practice of using Heart Coherence, sound entrainment and the Art of Receptivity towards restoring harmony to the whole.
  3. The Alchemy of Vulnerability: the practice of opening one’s heart to feel deeply, grief fully and connect to soul, so that we can transmute our pain into power, our emotional wounds into our Personal Medicine.
  4. The Art of Receptivity: The art of receiving, listening and holding space for others so that we can walk in their shoes and truly understand them.
  5. The Way of Grace: The path of listening to The Divine and intuitively following its signals, guidance and revelations, so that we live and work in a state of Grace, rather than struggle and try to do it all alone, disconnected from our Creation Partners.
  6. Heart and Emotional Intelligence: The wisdom of the Sacred Heart that cuts across time, space and dimensions to intuitively reveal that which love knows.
  7. Co-creation: The practice of collaboration, peace-building and harmonious co-creation in community.
  8. The Way of Oneness: honoring the Sacred Self as we honor community. This applies to honoring each part or cell of your body as you honor the whole, honoring each individual in the community as you honor the community as a whole and honoring each community as part of a greater whole. It also applies to the relationship between humans and nature. It is a way of seeing the holographic, interconnected nature of The Field and how the state of each part affects the whole and viceversa.


Dance the Goddess into your Life

If the Goddess seems to fly away when you most need her, the most practical ~notice that I did not say easy~ way to invoke her is through this three-step dance.

Step 1: Stop time

The first thing you need to do is what the shaman calls Stopping Time. You stop time when you go back to deep, gentle breathing, focusing on your heart until it beats calmly and then allow that rhythm to spread through you. When you do this, you create Coherence. Your mind begins to entrain with your heart. Your thoughts slow down and time seems to cease. The reason for this is that time is a cultural construct. It does not exist. Your Soul and spirit live beyond that construct, and your Sacred Heart ~the seat of your Soul~ can bring you to a place of Presence; a place that happens always in the instant now.

Step 2: Hunt Down the Interference

Now that you are present in your body and in the present moment and you are calmer, take a couple of minutes to assess which of the eight Sacred Channels has been obstructed and what is obstructing it.

For example, if you are struggling, trying to figure things out alone, then the Sacred Channels of Harmony, Grace and Heart Intelligence may be obstructed. Is it fear? Or is it a belief that you need to do it all alone. If the former, then you can employ the Alchemy of Vulnerability and Heart Intelligence to come back to the Path of Beauty. If the latter, then you can employ the Way of Grace, the Art of Receptivity and Co-creation to harmonize with divine guidance, seek support and help and co-create with your Creation Partners.

Step 3: Return to the Path of Beauty

Once you know which Sacred Channel has been obstructed and what is obstructing it, you can use the Female Gifts in those Sacred Channels to free the flow of Grace within you.

You will instantly reintegrate your consciousness, awareness and Presence with your Inner Goddess.

What a World!

What a different world this would be if the Path of Beauty was taught and encouraged early on during human socialization!

We would see beauty everywhere and create art to express it. Instead of trying to win, convince others and impose our opinion in any encounter, we would open our heart to receive the other, listen deeply and bring harmony to the person as we helped the individual and the collective make the most of each presence.

We would no longer push ourselves to work in struggle and stress, trying to accomplish results that can be better created through working in Grace. We would acknowledge the wisdom of our heart and live in a state of Coherence, which would also increase our health.

We would hold peace, harmony and co-creation as our highest values and would seek to bring peace into any situation by honoring all parts and finding the way in which they can enhance the collective.

I know this seems Utopian, but it is a distinct possibility. It sounds impossible because we assume that it would be perfect. But harmony does not mean perfection. It does not mean the absence of conflict. It means that there is a commitment to resolve these conflicts through collaboration, co-creation and the Way of Oneness instead of war, competition and one-upmanship.

I don’t see this as impossible. Not even as far into the future. In fact, I see it as one of two options which we are quickly approaching:

  • We train ourselves to walk the Path of Beauty, or
  • We destroy ourselves and the planet

Which would you choose?

I hope that you now begin to see your role as a woman in bringing the Sacred Feminine back into our human consciousness, so that we can all begin to understand and practice the Path of Beauty.

The Goddess gifts of beauty, grace, harmony, empathy, love, healing, receptivity, collaboration, co-creation and compassion are urgently needed right now.

When you deeply listen, honor and express the Goddess dancing inside you, these gifts will emerge as superpowers that you can use to help yourself heal, grow and blossom and to help heal our world.

I’d like to know if you would like a world like this and what do you think: Is it possible? Far away? Doable? Let me know in the comments.


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