Activate your Creative Genius

Activate your Creative Genius

Activate your Creative Genius to enjoy and express your Creative Power and to engage your Creative Mind in quickening your solutions.

By Maria Mar



You are a Creative Genius! Yes, you. When I tell people that I am a Creative Genius they eye me suspiciously. Why? It’s simple: most of us were trained to believe that there’s nothing special in us, that geniuses are extremely smart people like Einstein and that we are not that creative. In fact, being creative has a bad rap! But it’s all a lie. You’ve been shrunk into a tiny box. It’s time to spring out of the box, like a bold Jackie-in-the-Box who breaks her attachment. It’s time to take back your genius. Know this without a shadow of a doubt: you were born as a creator. Creativity is what makes you human, and you have it. In fact, you cannot NOT create. What may be happening is that you are creating more of the same old story because you were trained in the belief that you cannot design your own way, that you cannot be the author of your own life story. This has trapped you in the habit of distrusting and dismissing your imagination. But that trust is exactly what turns your Creative Genius off. It’s time to turn it on!

Tap into the infinite ocean of imagination, creativity and possibilities available to you. Rivers of ideas, solutions, visions, revelations, possibilities, discoveries, inventions and applications are flowing to you.

These streams are available to everyone. They flow through the Sacred Channels of life, ready to fill you up if you only open your being to them.

The activation of your Creative Genius allows you to:

  • Tap into the infinite ocean of imagination, creativity and possibilities available to you. Find instant answers (or the exact question that will reveal them), easy solutions and the way to “make it work” right now, with the resources you have.
  • Tap into your own Infinite Inner Treasures, the vast wealth of creativity, talents, gifts, imagination, vision, skills and experience in you that can generate value for yourself and others.
  • Free your creative expression, so that you can express those gifts with ease and grace.
  • Dare to speak your truth and share your gifts with the world.
  • Trust your intuition. Puerto Rican poet Juan Antonio Corretjer once said that “Intuition is the shortcut to knowledge.” Intuition bypasses the limitation of your logical mind to tap into your heart’s wisdom. Therefore, it can leap over time and space to bring the quickest, simplest most effective solution or answer to your query.
  • Do it your way and employ your Goddess-given uniqueness, becoming an innovator.

When you trust your Creative Genius your perception expands, your defenses dissolve and your heart and mind enter Coherence.

As this happens you come up with amazing, innovative solutions; and you do it instantly, with ease and grace.

Your Genie in the Bottle

You have a genie in a bottle. The bottle is your own creative, intuitive mind. The genie is your creativity. All you need to do is activate your Creative Genius, and the genie shows up with:

  • Psychic Keys: Questions that magnetize the right answers.
  • Possibilities: Your perception expands to see new possibilities.
  • Vision: You can visualize the whole and the parts and see the potential for the future. You can see new things, new answers and new solutions.
  • Mind-stretches: Your perception gets stretched. Your mind grows. You grow new neuro-pathways. Your world expands.
  • New solutions: Now new solutions start showing up as you brainstorm, do mind-mapping journal writing or draw.
  • Fork-bending- Your mind now has the fork-bending power to bend reality. You can bend it like Beckam!
  • Magic- True magic is a shift in perception that changes how you see the world and therefore changes your world.

The best thing about the Genie in the Bottle is that it is a playful, fun genie. It encourages you to play and laugh. It gives you permission to imagine and jump out of the box.

This is a great trick your psyche plays on you. When you laugh and play, your defenses dissolve and new knowledge and transformation can flow through without your usual resistance shutting the door.

Little Dull Drones

It has been proven that play and creativity enhance the learning process. Yet, our schools are changing their attachment to boredom at an oh!-ever-so-slow-pace.

It is unfortunate, but once we reach school age, most of us are taught that work is serious, even boring and linked to duty.

We are also convinced that fun, creativity and things that bring us joy are play, and are NOT to be done during work hours.

This is one of the hindrances of the Domestication Trance. And it is no coincidence.

In suppressing our Creative Genius, the school system generates obedient, ordinary workers to plug them into the industrial machinery, punching in and out their time to mass production.

So many of us are living boring lives, going from home to our boring work and back, as the Salsa lyrics tell:

“De la casa al trabajo.

Del trabajo a la casa.

Esa es la rutina

del hombre cuando se casa.

From home to work.

From work to home.

That is the routine

of the man when he marries.”


Once we are convinced that work is something you do out of duty, just to earn a living and it CANNOT be fun or something you love; we are primed for the plucking.

We become little dull drones to be recruited by corporations who are making profits for their investors with no interest in making their workers happy, bringing meaning to their service or enhancing creativity .

This has produced masses of students whose creativity is stunned. They become obedient workers in institutions that are structured within rigid parameters that inhibit innovation or corporations who dare not risk innovation for fear of losing millions.

And here’s the problem:

The age of industrialism is long gone. This age is the age of the entrepreneur, the visionary, the Creative Genius.

Only those who can think out-of-the-box, express their uniqueness and follow their vision can succeed in this new world.

Think About It…

There would be no civilization without creativity. It is the force behind any innovation, discovery or invention.

So why are we lead to believe very early on that art is superfluous, a luxury and not a need?

If a society wants genius, innovation and leadership, it promotes the arts. It promotes free out-of-the-box thinking. It cultivates creativity.

If a society wants drones to do mindless labor and all it wants from them is to follow instructions, then it promotes obedience, do-as-you-are-told, draw-inside-the-line and “back to the basics.” (It can never be forward. This is a retrograde approach.)

But here’s the thing: we now have machines to do the drone work. Global corporations export labor to the countries that pay very little to their workers, leaving entire cities with massive unemployment.

Publishing houses are closing. Bookstores and libraries are closing. Factories are closing. Entire industries are closing.

So what is the alternative?

Creativity, Uniqueness and Innovation

These are your new work assets.

Creativity allows you to distinguish yourself, communicate better with your market and to communicate your uniqueness better to the boss or clients.

It also allows you to innovate, which is the new trend. Innovation and transformation are the mark of the 21st century.

And here’s where your Creative Genius shines through.

  • In your field, it allows you to come up with unique solutions, create your own systems and communicate your uniqueness so that you can position your expertise.
  • In your career, it allows you to find new innovative ways to address the problems in your work and to create imaginative ways to communicate your value.
  • In a different mindset, it allows you to free yourself altogether from the labor market and become an entrepreneur, becoming your own boss and building play and creativity into your job description.

So take out your play dress, uncork the bottle of your mind and get your Creative Genius out of the bottle.

Get your right brain into the playground and find some “creatercises” that will get your creative muscles back into shape.

After all, as a woman you have an advantage: you can summon your Sacred Heart, BodySoul and intuition and together with your Creative Mind, you can have a blast while you open new pathways using your Creative Genius!

Bring fun, creativity, a sense of play, engagement, connection and wonder to your marketing, your work, your implementation and even your desk.

In encouraging your creativity, you will promote your success and you’ll have lots of fun in the process.


Creativity is a magical, powerful force that links your imagination and emotions to generate change, innovation, art and transformation within and around you.” Maria Mar


A Bridge to the Divine

You’ve already seen that your body connects you to The Divine through your BodySoul and Energy Fields.

You have also seen that your Sacred Heart is a portal to The Field, where you have instant access to revelation and guidance from Divine consciousness in All that Is.

You’ve also seen that the Goddess’ Way is the Path of Beauty, bringing creativity and grace into your life and the world.

There’s a reason why your Creative Genius is the fourth of the Seven Sacred Feminine Paths. It is your third bridge to The Divine.

When you activate your Creative Genius, you tap into your connection with The Field of Infinite Possibilities.

I want to remind you that you were created as a being that innovates, transforms, grows and expresses the beauty of this world. You are a creator.

I invite and support you in living your life as the canvas that you paint with every action, thought and emotion. Create your Masterpiece Life.


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