Welcome to the Bewomaning Magazine

This is a magazine for the spiritual, creative woman who wants to BE the Goddess dancing inside her.

If you long to fully embody the beauty, grace and power that you feel deep inside you, you are in the right place.

Do you want to bring more of who you are into your expression, your work, business or practice? You are in the right place if you want to align deeply with your Soul’s truth, with your life purpose and with the Grace of the Goddess in you. As women we understand that from this place of deep alignment, you are able to reveal more of your beauty, uniqueness and gifts; and when you do, you become a beacon for others.

If you love beauty, art, inspiration and uplifting words, you will love it here.The Goddess dances in these pages. From Magdalene to Sophia, from Shakti to Lakshmi, from Yemaya to Minerva… the Goddess speaks through her messengers, blowing a gentle wind under your wings so that you can fly high into your dreams.

Free your Goddess, by Maria Mar(c), digital art Click to see larger size.
Free your Goddess, by Maria Mar(c), digital art Click to see larger size.


These pages have been written for you if you feel that you are constantly walking into spaces and situations that run against the grain of your being; that are too harsh, too logical, too aggressive or competitive. Do you long to enjoy a more creative, collaborative, compassionate and emotionally wise environment?


You will find the practical wisdom to do this here. Find out how to design your life, work and environment to be female-friendly and to honor the Sacred Feminine in you so that your walk in grace. Do it the Female Way!

Matrix of Abundance, digital art by Maria Mar(c)2014. Click to see a larger version.

Are you struggling to succeed in your field, to publish that book, launch that expert system or move out of the shadows into the light? Do you dream of making a bigger impact, but hold yourself back and feel frustrated with whatever force keeps you from illuminating the world with your presence? Is it inside you? Is is it out there? You need to know and you want to change it.


Then welcome to the pages of this magazine, where you will find answers to your intimate questions and tools to move beyond your limitations.

Swan Woman, digital art by Maria Mar(c)2008.


We get it. You want to free your radiance, to allow your delight and to play your passion at work, in your business or practice, as a leader or influencer, in the spotlight and in your message.

You feel a light inside you that’s about to burst with the longing to illuminate the world. You feel a love inside you that yearns to expand and heal our planet.

Your dream is B-I-G. Perhaps too big for your mind to believe, though your heart and imagination are committed to it. How do you make that dream a reality? How do you take your life purpose or passion and turn it into a service for humanity? Can you overcome all the obstacles you face? Can your tiny self really make such a big difference in the world?

The Shaman's Birth, by Maria Mar(c), digital art Click to see larger size.
The Shaman’s Birth, by Maria Mar(c), digital art Click to see larger size.


We are here to show you that you can, you will and you are meant to overcome. We are here to help you birth your dream as you embody your Infinite Self and feel that you are a unique expression of divinity birthed into earth for a reason.

Finally, if you’ve been hearing a call, what I call the Infinite Whisper of your Soul, telling you that as a woman you know things that are needed in the world now; that you need to share your gifts, embody your purpose, express your truth in a larger way to bring humanity into balance and save this beautiful world… then you are home!


Join a new generation of Goddess Leaders.
Join a new generation of Goddess Leaders.

 Welcome to the Bewomaning Magazine!

You belong with the Bewomaning Tribe, a tribe of women who redefine womanhood on their own glorious terms and embody the Female Face of Power. We are redefining power in a way that honors the Sacred Feminine. We are bringing our Female Gifts into the leadership arena to create a new leadership that leads from the Co-creative Feminine Principle.

Ah, yes… one more thing. The words in this magazine are the loving craft of our House Goddesses, women dedicated to bringing the message of the Sacred Feminine into the world.

But even these loving group of powerful experts, artists, authors, priestesses of the Goddess and shamans; even all of us together…alone we cannot activate the Sacred Feminine in the world.

We need you.

If we are to balance the Sacred Masculine and marry it to the Sacred Feminine in our own consciousness as well as in the world, in order to bring balance to our society and save our planet; then we need your participation, input and above all that you put the knowledge in these pages to work for you and for your community.

We encourage you to join our conversation

There are three ways to participate:

Leave a comment

When you leave a comment, you are not just sharing your truth. You may be letting other women know that it is OK to speak their truth. Your question may be in the heart of many others who do not dare to ask it. A comment is like a vote. It brings an article’s ranking up and then it gets featured in the most popular section. That’s a nice way to give back to the author if you found value in the article. Finally, when you leave a comment others can see your most recent posts and visit you, so that you also benefit and connect to our readers.That is the co-creative, collaborative Feminine Leadership at work.

Give your Testimony

At the bottom of some articles, we ask that you leave your testimony if you liked it. This testimony will show up in the home page and other locations, along with your photo and website. You help others know that there’s good content here and you also become visible and connect with the readers. Another way of collaboration in action.

Join the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom

To help you embody and live the knowledge in these pages, we’ve created the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom, where our House Goddesses share their wisdom with tools, books, events, programs and experiences that allow you to BECOME the Goddess dancing inside you.

This Mystery School opens its doors in March 2016 with a curriculum that helps you to:

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The pages of this magazine are like the leaves of trees, alive with love. This love is an expression of the Sacred Feminine that helps you to:

You are the reason we do this.

You are our Creation Partner in the Bewomaningtm Experience. Therefore, this is more than a magazine. This is a spiritual powerhouse to illuminate your path to your own Greatness, so that you become the Goddess dancing inside you.

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What is Butterfly Woman?

What is Butterfly Woman?

The path of beauty, grace, delight, transformation and fertilization

By Maria Mar

“Butterfly Woman mends the erroneous idea that transformation is only for the tortured, the saintly, or only for the fabulously strong. The Self need not carry mountains to transform. A little is enough. A little goes a long way. A little changes much. The fertilizing force replaces the moving of mountains.  Butterfly Maiden pollinates the souls of the earth: It is easier that you think, she s…

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Are you Ready to Fly?

Self-assessment ToolAre you Ready to Fly?

Is this your year to go from struggling Caterpillar Self to radiant Butterfly Woman?

By Maria Mar


Many women are playing at being Caterpillar Self: struggling, hiding, wanting, longing, complaining, trying hard, but spinning their wheels in place. They are doing the “dirty work” or trapped in duty scripts or they cannot believe that there is another way to work, to be or to communicate their message: a way that brings them delight. BUT there IS another way…

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Embody your Purpose

Embody your Purpose

Your purpose is who you are. It is a part of you that longs to be expressed and embodied. That’s what you are here for, so get to it!

By Maria Mar

Are you stuffing your days with a “quick succession of busy nothings?” Jane Austen had it right when she had her protagonist speak these words. Some people feel happy with working in a reasonably decent environment to earn a living, spending time with their loved ones and watching TV or practicing a hobby on their spare time. That’s a…

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Bless your Success

Bless your Success

Give yourself permission to succeed, be happy and be fulfilled.

By Maria Mar


What is holding you back? What obscure, invisible force inside you convinces you that you are not good enough, not ready or inadequate to launch that book, project or business? Why do you keep fixing yourself, tinkering with details or going for one more certificate instead of stepping into the limelight? You have centuries of prohibitions in your Herstory, sister. You were not allowed to vote, earn a l…

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Activate your Creative Genius

Activate your Creative Genius

Activate your Creative Genius to enjoy and express your Creative Power and to engage your Creative Mind in quickening your solutions.

By Maria Mar


You are a Creative Genius! Yes, you. When I tell people that I am a Creative Genius they eye me suspiciously. Why? It’s simple: most of us were trained to believe that there’s nothing special in us, that geniuses are extremely smart people like Einstein and that we are not that creative. In fact, being creative has a b…

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